Before you get started, this site was designed with YOU in mind.

In my effort to survive life has provided me with many opportunities.  During this journey the workplace has given me a deep understanding of where this country developed, the concepts of land ownership and title transfer, mapping for boundaries and construction, then into driving across the country and exposure to shipping receiving, carriers, logbooks, navigation, and all the rules and regulations behind how we get our resources of food, fuel, water, and building materials.  This journey has lead me down a path of teaching others math, and physics, and computer drafting and programming.  These combined skills have motivated me to create this site, and to build resources that perhaps YOU might benefit from.  If you have any feedback I welcome comment.

You can reach me at owner.admin@cdltools.com




These are a couple of current projects that are underway and perhaps will get published once I work through the fine details of the Google API's and the Firebase API's, look for the product in the Google Play Store in the near future

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