photography provided by Jared Chambers

I've been working on this idea for a very long time.  The tools and the syntax keeps changing, the speed of the devices keeps increasing....and it takes A GREAT DEAL of EFFORT to keep up with the ever changing environment. 


THE Mission

The mission on a daily basis has always been about basic survival.  In working for a living, several defeats and gaps in employment cause time to work on getting skills current again about how to build applications for mobile devices, how to build manage and host a web site.  I am always interested in making money from these skills, but I will not ever share without compensation ever again.  Seems like there is always somebody out there that thinks that they should get something for free.   I'm all about making it work for me.....if you want me to make it work for you, feel free to contact me.

In the struggle for LIFE,
peace is life without the struggle
— admin for CDL Tools

What We've Achieved

Google Developers Account, Firebase Account, Android Studio Development, Web Design

  • It all began for me in 1979 on an IBM360 mainframe with key punch cards and FORTRAN
  • In the 1980's it evolved 8088, 80286, 80386, Pentium...building machines and working with operating systems with   Pre-ANSI C, LISP, DOS AutoCad
  • In the 1990's it was the internet, Windows 95, AutoCAD, Cogomate
  • In 2000 through to today the technology exploded DBASE into ACCESS into C++ then javascript, HTML, then HTML5 with CSS and mobile devices with some serious memory and power 
  • Today it IS into Android Studio, Google Developers Console, Cloud Computing, Firebase Auth/Database syntax
  • The underlying concepts like math/physics don't change